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Hi, Probably an easy one but I cannot find any info on it anywhere. Basically I am using the Tricks of the Windows Game programming Gurus. I am on Chapter 3, which is resources. When adding the .rc file I have been right clicking on the resources folder and choosing add new resource from disk and then double clicking on the file icon on the supplied cd. However I want to edit the .RC file whilst in the compiler so I can change things and add things, eg. the current resource I am using is a menu and I want to add more options etc to the resource script file. I cannot bring it up in the compiler so it appears in th form in the book so I can edit it? Its form is popup "File" { MENUITEM "Open", MENU_FILE_ID_OPEN etc... If you need a better explanation of what I am trying to do then let me know. Help very much appreciated! Paul.

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