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Delphi 6 tutorials

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Assuming your "new", and if you''re truely serious about Delphi, you might want to pick up a couple good books. "Mastering Delphi 6", "Delphi in a Nutshell" (A must have reference), "Learn Object Pascal with Delphi" (Great intro to Delphi''s underlying object pascal language, no GUI stuff though), "Delphi Graphics and Game Programming Exposed" (Great book!). There are tons of other books out there, Amazon has a decent selection online.

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I don''t know of any good delphi 6 tutorials. But it really doesn''t matter whether the tutorials were written for 4/5/6. OP is still the same you know
Contains some difficult graphical stuff.
Online book about web programming in Delphi.
Giant FAQ which answers all sorts of questions.
Kind of fun, about creating weird windows.
Real good beginners tutorial.
Has quite some tutorials, sorted on difficulty.
A complete chapter of the ''Delphi Unleashed'' book, about graphics.
Verrrry good tutorials on creating games in Delphi.
Much tutorials, sorted on subject.
Has an enormous amount of small delphi tips.
Some lessons
Links to tutorial sites.
Delphi tips.

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