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Tangent Space?!?!?

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v71    100
tangent space ? ,maybe you mean the normal maps for the bump mapping , you can generate a map of arctangent but at 90 degree it goes inifinity, so you happens with holes somewhere, only my tw0 cents.

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BerLan    122
Normal maps need tangents and binormals to do dotproduct (dot3) bumpmapping. A "tutorial" (a chunk of code without much comments) can be found here

There are also tutorials on nVidia''s and ATI''s developer sites (check ATI''s "simple dot3 bumpmapping"-application).

The lighting is calculated using N dotproduct L per pixel (well, per texel could be more accurate).

Basically you get the vector N from a normal map, and the vector L is the light direction calculated per vertex (light position - vertex position). Then the light direction is rotated to tangent space using the vert tangent and binormal (so we actually get the vector L'' = L in "tangent space"). Note that some may also refer to tangent space as texture space. A bit of 3D-card magic, and you''ve got bumps on your flat sufraces.

Check the sites i mentioned for a better explanation & code.


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