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Reusing transformed vertices

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Hi all, This is a sort of a re-hash on a post below, made a little more coherent. Here''s my problem: In my software engine writing days, the first optimization I did in 3d was to re-use a transformed pixel whenever possible, so I could spare myself all the sin/cosine time-killers. Alas, in my version of software engines, I attached my texture to TRIANGLE and not to VERTEX, the exact opposite of the way direct3d does it. Now, with my d3d engine, I am recomputing many vertices over and over again, just because they have different texture coordinates. It does seem to be taking a speed hit, because I am computing 30*30 vertices, FOUR TIMES, since I can''t reuse the corners on my grid. So my question is, can I have a direct3d vertex that gets computed once, but has different texture coordinates? In the directx sdk, it says that you can attach up to 8 textures to a vertex, but shockingly, the informative, well-written, easy-to-navigate, precise, clear, coherent, and superbly cross-referenced sdk help files don''t tell you how to actually do it! So, if anyone has experience in attaching more than one texture coordinate to a vertex, and then referencing it, please assist! And please don''t suggest that I look at one of the sdk examples. Those were written by martians for martians. Thanks in advance! --Goodlife

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