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Getting start with game industry. Need some help

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Hello everyone. First I want to say that I am a big newbie here. Until now I used only visual basic programming language (pretty stupid, I know but it was enought for me to do some app for loop/getting data and so on), but some days ago I started to learn about game programming, and what I learn until now.

Single-Player games -> This can be interesting too. I can use my models I did from mmorpg and every ideea to this game and just do a bit of network using something like steam co-op (borderlands 2) (or I don't really know what it is called, but I want to say that option where you can invite steam users to play your game in co-op like borderlands 2), but here can be some problems. First, I hate the ideea that a game where I just spend a year can be cracked and people are going to play 1/2 months and let it.

ORPG -> I just don't like this type of game, it's just too "low" for our century.

2d game -> Nothing to say, just NO.


Here is what I want to choose: 

MMORPG -> Hard to do and I can spend a couple of years to put this game into early alpha, but it's fun and you can learn a lot of things.

Survival game like DayZ -> Here I have a big ideea about it. First, DayZ is servel based, this means that you need to connect to a server in order to play. This is pretty stupid because: 1. If the backpack is saved, you can enter on a 0 player server, get cool stuffs and after it going to kill players on a full server.  2. If the backpack is not saved and server is closed, you lose all the stuffs you get and of course, just blame the game and uninstall it.

Now, my ideea is to make an openworld game. Not an simple open-world game, but an real-time open-world. What I mean by it? I saw on the internet (need to search that site again) where you could download something like google maps, and use it in your own game. It has 30-40GB I think, but here is my ideea. Survival game which is taking place on a real-map world, where you could choose to spawn into your country/city and making aliance, fight agains other nation and of course, agains a lot of zombies, and things like that. It's a big too high for me, but I can learn everything I need :D I have enought time for it.


Here is what I want to ask:

1. What I can do? MMORPG or that survival game?

2. What Engine I should choose? and if is here an user-friendly enginee? I mean something like blueprint system from UE4, but I read that unity have plugin for that google maps library (I will search exact name of that).

3. What programming language I should know for achieve this? I mean game programming and network programming

4. What I should use for networking? And if it is possible, I want something which can hold up to 2k players/server.




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