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My painting app (for texture artists) releasing soon

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I'm a third year computer science student. Last semester I created a painting app for my user interface course. 






The main feature of my app is that instead of painting with plain brushes, you paint with images, or what I call 'stamps'. The stamps are just images of objects with the background removed (or not, depending on what you want), which can be done in my app or any other image editing app. 
I have implemented several tools and features.
The static brush gives you precise control of your stamp.
Orienting, scaling and positioning is very simple and fast.
The dynamic brush allows you to randomize a lot of properties, such as size, hue, rotation angle, opacity, brush step, density, position radius, and opacity age.
ex. randomly controlling size:
ex. randomly controlling position radius:
ex. randomly controlling hue:
As you can see the dynamic brush is very powerful. Multiple stamps can be active at the same time aswell, and the order you choose them is reflected, i.e. if you select a grass stamp, then a rock stamp, the grass stamp will be rendered below the rock stamp. You can combine all these features of the dynamic brush, and control how random each property is.
The line tool is a work in progress. It is what it sounds like, a line tool. Like the dynamic brush, you can also control many properties such as hue, density, size ect. In addition the direction of the generated stamps could be in either the lines direction or a random rotation:
The generate tool automates everything for you. Set the properties such as density, size variation, hue variation, ect., and hit the generate button to generate a texture map.
You can specify if you want the texture to tile automatically:
Basic features such as a layer system, stamp and layer adjustments, stamp and layer effects such as drop shadow, inner shadow ect., creating a stamp from the existing canvas, and masking/unmasking are all there.
You could also generate a normal map from the existing canvas. You can control the normal maps large, medium, and small details. Its still a work in progress, I plan to add more control, such as fine detail, very large detail.
Or if you want to manually paint a normal map, you can do that. If you change the painting mode from diffuse, to normal, you can perform all the features I described above but in normal mode.
ex. using the static brush in normal mode:
ex. using the dynamic brush in normal mode:
In normal mode you also have control of the normal's large, medium and small details.
These are the main features of the app. There are many more features that I would like to implement, mainly being able to import a 3D obj file into a 3D viewer, and use it as a source for generating the stamps. Also perhaps painting onto the 3D model itself instead of a flat canvas, like zbrush. Speaking of zbrush, maybe sculpting features, but thats quite a stretch, haha.
Is the project worth pursuing? Is anyone interested in being part of the development? I was thinking of making it open source. The project is a wpf app (I know its not the best choice), so its windows only. Also since wpf is c#, openGL is not natively supported however I was looking into sharpGL which allows you to use openGL in WPF apps. 

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Hi Cdeniz,


It's a very interesting project. I work for Sketchfab, a platform to publish interactive 3D models anywhere online: your website, social networks, PRs, forums, etc. You can think of it as a "Youtube for 3D models". We are the biggest repository with more than 230,000 3D models.

I would be happy to explore collaboration opportunities with you. We can allow you to use some of our models to increase the number of stamps, and also integrate a "publish to Sketchfab button" to allow your users to publish 3D models online in 1 click from your software. You can ping me at corentin (at) sketchfab.com






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