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[STEAM] Mystery puzzle adventure Khaba

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Hi everyone,


We just released our first game on Steam - Khaba! 




Khaba is a mystery puzzle adventure, driven by an intriguing story about the adventurous explorer Michael. Finding himself trapped in the dark pyramid of Khaba, a weak ray of sunlight becomes Michael’s only hope. Through chambers filled with puzzles, Michael must reflect this beam against orbs and dusty mirrors to pass each test.


As Michael descends deeper into the pyramid, every solved puzzle will also unfold new parts of his troubled story. Almost as if the pyramid itself is testing Michael, an optional story about the dead Pharaoh will demand alternative solutions to the puzzle – but also expose the true nature of Michael’s past. 


Here is a link to the game:


Check it out and please let us know what you think!





[attachment=25428:2_1920x1080.jpg] [attachment=25429:3_1920x1080.jpg]

[attachment=25430:4_1920x1080.jpg] [attachment=25431:5_1920x1080.jpg]

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