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Tutorials for Torque 3D?

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I've decided to use Torque for my game projects and I'm in need of some tutorials or other information to get me started. The documentation on the T3D website is a good start to learning the software but it does not cover everything such as choosing between included libraries, packaging your game, and what your project structure should look like.

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Hello Burton,


you are a bit unspecific and in my eyes "between included libraries" does not even make sense. Either you need a library and include it or you don't and don't include it.

If you need to decide which library to use, just compare them and if they are too similar, try them both. Packaging and structure is another thing again.

Usually you do packaging through a target in your makefile however I am sure you are on windows on an IDE and the packaging process might differ.


Without knowing more details it is hard to google your questions since it depends on the toolchain you are using.


As for the structure, just look at other projects.


You realy should google this stuff.




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