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Game oriented exercise in C++

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Hi everyone.
I´m new here, my name is Eduardo Mejia, i´m from México.
I´m C# programmer and i want learn C++ so im looking for some game oriented exercises in c++, something easy but funcioncional in the game development.
I dont know if somebody have a lot of experience in game development in C++ who can recommend some exercise to do in c++
I dont know too much English, sorry if i have a mistake in my post.
Greetings from Mexico

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If you have a working knowledge of C++ and are more just looking for exercises without any kind of tutorial/coding assistance, CodinGame seems pretty cool.


It has a large number of game related programming challenges, that you can use many languages with (so C++ in your case). The browser based *ide* it uses isnt too horrible, which is always a bonus.


These kind of sites are still fairly limited in how much you can learn, and is best for stretching your muscles.

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