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Per-mesh bone animation with Assimp?

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Apparently the assimp library specifies bone data on a per-mesh basis where scenes (models) are imported with one or more meshes.

In my importing routine I just ignore any bone data that is defined for more than one single mesh (ie. two meshes refer to a bone with the same name, I'll just read it from the first mesh where it occurs and ignore the other one). May I be shooting myself in the foot here due to there actually being circumstances where two meshes may have different animations for the same bone / joint? It doesn't seem likely to me (never mind the case where two completely separate objects imported from the same scene have bones sharing a name) but then why is it stored like that...?


I just noticed that going over my model importing code that I wrote about a year ago so it might just be something I'm not remembering mind you, such that it is there because each bone has vertex weighing that differs for each mesh, but it doesn't seem that is stored along with the bone data?


[b]Edit:[/b] oh hah, seems that last thing I wrote is exactly it, rubber ducking for the win huh? xD

Still so, the posed question of whether animation data may be different on a per-mesh basis is still interesting, can anyone with 100% certainty say that this will never be the case?

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If your creating the meshes and the animations and anyone else creating know that meshes with the same name need to have the same animation then there

is no problem. you just need to know the rule.

But is its for anybody to create meshes or animation then maybe not so safe.


So if you control the content then its safe.

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