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[Android][Free] Blackout

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Made my first Android game! It's a puzzle game called Blackout.

Here's the Play store link:

Objective of the game is to turn all of the tiles off. It's based on the old board game Lights Out. Lots of screenshots on the Play store posting. Currently there are square tiles and triangle tiles, and red modes for both. With the square tiles, the tile you tap, plus the tiles immediately beside, above and below it, will shift from on (white) to off (black) or off to on depending on what they initially were. In the triangle mode, the tiles beside the one you tap, plus the one facing the vertical flat end of the triangle (not the tip), will shift. And lastly, in the red modes, the tiles will shift from black to white, white to red, and red to black. It can be extremely tough, especially the red triangle mode.

For now, all of the levels are unlocked, and the game does not require any permissions to install. More shapes will be added in the future!

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