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Ore Miner - Clicking Game

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Ore Miner is an addictive clicking game where you mine ores to craft new picks and equipment to increase your ore income! Upgrade your miner by spending ores and talent points, get yourself some epic pickaxes and rare gear, drink a potion or two and start this marvellous adventure!

How to play:
• Start mining to gather ores by clicking on the rock,
• Get special loot (materials, rare drops) while mining for ores,
• Craft/Upgrade your gear with your resources,
• Spend talent points to enhance your miner,
• Complete various achievements,
• Unlock new picks/gear/materials/potions with each new level

Can you find legendary items hidden within the game? Lets begin with the fun!


mainscreen.png   screen1.png   


screen2.png   screen3.png



Enjoy tongue.png

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