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UniLan - Advanced Pro Launcher,File Verify,Patcher Kit (Open Source) for Unity3D

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(UniLan 1.0) is intended for Unity3D game engine.
Professional Open Source Project Launcher , File Validate , File Patcher ,Server Side Protection KIT
* Tested for work most sustainable and the fastest way to update your game files which used
with aim to check
* Offers unlimited support improved programming with "Adobe Builder 4.6" and interface
can be easily integrated into your project.
* Login Server fully prepared on HTTP interface. You can keep your files either on cloud
server or personal server and distributed to clients.
* Thanks to the real-time file checking can provide additional protection for your game
project. (Server side protection)
* Unlimited download list orders can be created. If download interrupted (internet outage,
computer shutdown, etc..), it will restart processing from from the point where the last left off.
* Log Server is based on the PHP which can executable including free hosts
Which has been developed to serve the highest purpose in the most simple level.
[URL='']Project Help PDF >[/URL]
[URL='']Unity3D Example[/URL]
[B]All Files (Open Source Code)[/B]
Project Complate %97 Download Ready
All Screens;

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