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a side scrolling action game concept

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                                                                               Cop Ken

Title of the game : Cop Ken


Author of the game: Paarth Gururajan


Publisher : N/A


Developer : StarWorks


Genre: Action, Side-Scrolling,


Audience: It’s targeted for handheld gamers both casual and hard core from age 13 onwards.


Game Concept: A cop is assigned to do missions through time travel. He is very strong and death is impossible to happen to him.


Game Mechanics: You start with a cop named Ken Clops who at first is unarmed. He is extremely powerful and cannot be defeated. The goal is to guide Ken to the end of the level as quickly as possible. To do this, the player has to avoid obstacles and enemies that push Ken as far as possible. Ken can use his melee attack to break obstacles or destroy enemies. The more Ken is hit, the further he will be pushed away. The reward the player gets when completing a mission depends on how much time and how much damage the player has done during that mission. If the player accidently destroys certain number of buildings by being pushed, the player’s position will go down by one. If the player does a side quest during a mission, he will be allowed to choose a weapon of his choice. For instance, the player can use a teleport that allows Ken to re spawn to a location where the teleport can support regardless of how far Ken is. But if he destroys certain number of buildings, he loses the authorization of a weapon the player has used most until he successfully completes the next mission with a few or no buildings destroyed.

There are three medals per level and each medal has its own levels of destination for the player. These medals are earned depending on how fast the player completes a mission. If the player has a gold medal, Ken will be assigned to a harder mission which changes the path to the story. If the player gets a Silver medal, Ken will be assigned to complete a mission with normal difficulty. If the player gets a Bronze Medal, Ken will be assigned to complete an easy mission. If the player fails to get any of the medals after completing a mission, Ken will be suspended and will not be able to complete two missions forcing Ken to stay at home and watch TV, read comic books, play games, do chores under his mother’s orders or sleeping as part of a humour sceneary.


When facing a Boss at some point, the player has to chase the boss to catch him. Once caught, the player must defeat the boss head on without Ken taking too much damage otherwise, Ken will be pushed away and the boss will flee.

The story also depends on what mission Ken is assigned to do. Because of this, there are various endings the player can get.



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If only I could make games..... sad.png

You can, everyone can. smile.png  Just watch a 5 year old child of how easily he or she creates a new game. It is just a matter of scope which withhold most people from making their games...

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