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New X2D Game Library, working towards an "Eye of the Beholder" type of game

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I created a C++ library called the X2D Game Library. It contains native OpenGL for 2D, OpenAL/DSound/DMusic, a basic Win32 API GUI with a C# feel, local SQL, and some other odds and ends.


My first demo:


Another early one (watch for the pink monster, he's frightening!)


While this new library has becoming a bit more mature, I always wanted to explore how to make an "Eye of the Beholder" type of game, and I feel I'm getting to that point. I hope to make my own unique dungeon game, but the progress has been fascinating. I thought I'd share a few videos to get your opinions or feedback. Thanks!


Disclaimer: Graphics are not the greatest at the moment... ;)


Brief Dungeon Walk:


Commentary of the overall design and a brief demo.

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