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3 pm EST: Our interview with AIGameDev about AI/Animation in Shark Eaters

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Hopefully it's alright to post this here - At 3pm EST (one hour from now), we are doing an interview with Alex Champandard of AIGameDev about our AI and physical animation work on the iOS game Shark Eaters.

This interview with Omar Ahmad looks at the animation technology in mobile game Shark Eaters: Rise of the Dolphins. The game features a different system that animates skeletal rigs — inspired by neurology and learning of motor control. The result are smoothly animated fish and water mammals whose behavior partly emerges from the animation.


It's primarily with my colleague who developed it, but I will be there too. Basically we'll be talking about how we do the animation in the game, which is entirely driven by physics simulation. We'll also be talking about how the AI is linked into the physics, both driving it and using physics data to control/derive enemy behavior.


Here is a review of the game:

And some gameplay videos:

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