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Multiplayer Game In Java?

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How would I go about making a 2D multiplayer game in Java? I know Java and I have created single player games already, so the background is there. I just have no idea how to start a networked game. Any suggestions? All I would need is a basic skeleton and explanation and I think I could do it.


How do I start a server on a specified port?

How do I create and allow multiple clients that will connect to the IP/Port of the server?

How do I reliably send data from the server to all the other clients connected to the server, such as movement/animations?


I assume once I can get data sending back in forth efficiently it will just all come together. Thanks in advanced, and it would be nice if any resources specified were Java specific or specific to networking in general.


EDIT: After doing some research I found this book called "Teaching Yourself Internet Game Programming with Java in 21 Days" by Michael Morrison. Has anyone heard of or read this book? Is it a good resource or should I look elsewhere?

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I think you're better off with the book, than without the book. (I have NOT read it!)

After that, you will probably want to read the existing reference documentation for the various Java socket clases/functions in some detail. But the book will likely get you "up and running" enough such that that documentation will then make sense. Edited by hplus0603

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