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code for rendering 3d graphics on camera view (Android)

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Does anyone have a simple but complete example code for rendering 3D graphics on camera view (live camera view) for android phone, like the image below? I Can do it separately but not render on live camera combined.


So for weeks I've Been doing lots of google research and joining bits and pieces of code together, but all I had is freezes and crashes, so now i am only looking for a complete framework sample code. (maybe a 2, 3 or 4  source files?, i don't think this will have UI xml files). 



Or if you can give some clue how this can done I would appreciate it.

Unfortunately my code attempts are too messy and would probably confuse readers rather, 

maybe if not feasible after all, then I might be able to achieve the same interaction without live camera view, but it would look much less glamorous   


Many thanks          

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