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Eric F.

Slower ID3DXSprite:Draw() on non-aligned source rect position/size

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I'm using DirectX 9 and ID3DXSprite to draw my graphics, and I was wondering if using ID3DXSprite:Draw() with a source rect that is not aligned on a specific boundary, or if the source rect has an odd or unaligned width would slow down the rendering.


I know this might have been an issue decades ago, but I am wondering is such issues might be lingering in DirectX 9 or on some video cards.


I tried to google that stuff, but I couldn't find anything definitive.


Thanks for any tips!

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I haven't researched this, so take what i say with a pinch of salt, however I would assume this is no longer an issue.

My reasoning for this is that 32 bit colour modes have been standard for quite some time, which ensures every pixel is aligned on a DWORD boundary eliminating the issue.


Also, it is the gpu that accesses the graphics ram these days not the cpu directly so I am unsure if the same alignment rules even apply to reads or writes, as these are vector processors dealing in groups of 128 or more bits at once.


Let me know if this is useful...

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