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OpenGL Using 2x color modulation in FFP

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Hello guys


Im asking this question for a friend of mine. He has an old program thats still using the FFP for rendering in OpenGL. Right now it still all works but there is a new feature hed like to implement. Every vertex has a color value. But its modulated in a different way. In GLSL in the fragment shader it would be like:

gl_FragColor = input_color.rgb * 2 * texture_color;

So essentially a color value of 0x7F7F7F7F would just return the texture color whereas 0xFFFFFFFF would double all channels of the texture.


The color values are bound to a buffer and sent to the FFP using glColorPointer. In DirectX i remember there was some kind of texture sampler state that allowed to specify MODULATE_2X as color operation. Is there something similar in OpenGL?




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The good news is yes, there is.


It's part of the GL_ARB_texture_env_combine extension, or is core in IIRC GL1.4, so if one's hardware meets those requirements then one can do it.


The basic setup is:




Note that though the API appears otherwise, by specification the only legal values for GL_RGB_SCALE are 1, 2 or 4.  If you come across hardware or drivers that accept other values, be aware that it's non-standard behaviour.


Also be aware that the GL_RGB_SCALE value seems to "stick" for other GL_TEXTURE_ENV_MODEs on some (most?/all?) drivers, so you should also reset it to 1.0f when done.

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