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Need help with eclipse

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Starpak    163

Hello guys, I'm new on gamedev and I tried to install Eclipse, Android SDK and libGDX. Finnaly i finished that but then i saw this error and now i dont know how to solve it. Can someone help me? The error is only in android file.




L.E.:Thank you for your replays,finally I solved the problem but then i created a AVD virtual device but nothing happened.It run and the console says :


[2015-01-29 18:40:18 - Emulator] FB::flushWindowSurfaceColorBuffer: window handle 0x3c not found
[2015-01-29 18:40:18 - Emulator] FB: closeColorBuffer cb handle 0x3b not found
What should i do now?
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Serapth    6671

If Lactose's link doesn't get you going, I've actually done an in-depth video tutorial on getting Eclipse/Android/LibGDX up and running

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