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physicsfs known issues in 2.0.3

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Brain    18906
Hi all,

I have just began integrating physicsFS into my game and while doing so I noticed there have been no official updates since 2012.

Are there any known issues that others here have encountered and unofficially patched that I should be aware of and fix myself or is this a pretty stable and mature piece of software?

Thanks! :)

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Jan2go    2057
I haven't encountered any bugs so far. If you get the code from the Mercurial server you also have the updates that were made after 2.0.3 (including some API changes).
However the included LZMA SDK is quite outdated. I filed a bug for this, however there was no reaction from Ryan on the bugtracker yet. But you can apply the patch on the Mercurial checkout yourself if you want, a patch file is attached to the bug report. I also have a version for multiple write directories on my PC, however that one is not really tested yet.

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