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Java Client Area Question

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Alright, I code in C++ with OpenGL, but for my university project, I am basically forced to use Java. Anyways, When I call my JFrame.setSize(width,height) method, it sets the frame to that size, and hence the content pane is smaller than that, so my drawing space is smaller than that. However, I want my drawing space to be width and height and I want the JFrame to go around it and be bigger than it so the contentPane is the size I want. I know this can be done with the Win32 API... I''ve already figured out a way to do it, but it involves quite a bit of hacking and because I don''t know the internals of JFrame, it is monkeying up a bit. This is what I have... I create the JFrame with setSize, then I have to show() it so it creates the contentPane, then I getContentPane() and getSize it, then I setSize() on the JFrame but adding the difference that was subtracted from the contentPane and the original width and height I wanted. Finally I got to call initFrame. So... is there a miracle method in Java to do this for me? Because after I finish doing everything I described above, my frame doesn''t behave normally. Thanks for the help, - Tom Btw... I have looked throughout the JDK Documentation

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