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Are their any flash people

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ok, i don''t use dreamweaver so i am not too sure about how the ftp in it works but i would guess it is the same as everything else go to and sign up for a free account then go to ''export'' , ''publish'' , ''upload'' or a similar function and type in the sever box [yourgeoname] in the account name box and [yourgeopassword] in the password box and drag all the files from your site into the other box which will be called something like ''remote''

if what you wanted to know was not that but how to actually get the flash into your page then here is the bit of html and it will make the button or movie etc. work

<embed src="yourflashmoviename.swf" height="theheight" width="thewidth"></embed>


Garcon Bifteck

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geocities gives you more than 3.91MB''s (i think) well i used more than that before.

anyhow, i hate geocities... damn popup banner things in the corner :|

check out... Port5 get a address with NO banners. all free

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