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OpenGL geometry shader has problem

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I am facing problem for geometry shader.

Machine details: ubuntu 14.04, i7 HD 4000+, Mesa 14.4.4


Compiled mesalib_14.4.4 and installed on system. I am using glew library.


glxinfo shows two version for opengl:

opengl core version string: 3.3

opengl version string  : 3.0

glxinfo and glGetstring shows openGL version 3.0. Even though I have upated intel graphics drivers, it always shows 3.0 version.
My opengl code is compiled successfully. When running it, it gives me INVALID_ENUMERANT error for geometry shader.

Please help me to get rid of this problem.
As per intel, it should support geometry shader.

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used MESA_GLSL_VERSION_OVERRIDE envirnment varible, sets to 3.2FC.

Also tried glutContext...() API with param GLUT_CORE_PROFILE | GLUT_COMPATIBILITY_PROFILE.


But didnt work for me.

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try using

glutInitContextVersion(3,2);    //if this is the version you want
glutInitContextProfile(GLUT_CORE_PROFILE); // with either this
glutInitContextProfile(GLUT_COMPATIBILITY_PROFILE);    // or this depending on what you want

after you have opened the window do a


and say what that reads

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