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[RELEASED] Stellar Sprites - Procedural 2D Spaceship, Planet, and Asteroid sprites! FOR UNITY

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Stellar Sprites - BILLIONS of SPACE SPRITES!!!


Need a lot of Spaceships? How about Planets? What about Asteroids? Create entire solar systems or galaxies with unique ships, planets and asteroids. Not an artist? This will handle the bulk of sprites of your game. Purely done through scripts; not a single graphic or any special setup required. Use the provided example scripts to get started or even drag one of the included prefabs into your scene. That's all it takes.


Too many ships


Gas Giant

Simple Demo

Simple Tutorial

Fleet Video

*** Available in next release ***


For WIP screens and videos here: http://scottw.comli.com/wp_dev/

For questions/comments feel free to Email me!

Asset Store Pagehttp://u3d.as/bMS

Scott Wojtowicz

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First review is in! Thank you Franco!

"This is a truly AMAZING asset, one of the best deals I ever made. I bought Stellar Sprites because I needed some Retro stylish spaceships for one of our projects. Actually, I got MUCH MORE then I needed, instead of some spaceships I got millions of them, all looking different but still in the same good looking style. There are some settings to adjust like the length and wingspan of the spaceship and I’m pretty sure the Developer will add more settings and shapes in the future…

But this is not everything you get, as a bonus you also get millions of randomly generated Planets and Asteroids (and Suns (and more) on the way), making this Asset a steal deal. With the Planets there are settings for Size (currently 7 sizes), Atmosphere and Type (currently Gas Giant and Topographic) with or without an Atmosphere. For the Planets, the same principles are used, tweak some settings and get overwhelmed by beauty…

The spaceships alone are worth much more then the price of the Asset, the Planets and the other Stellar Shapes make me feel like robbing the Developer. Can’t wait to see the Suns and the new Solar System in action. My first impression of the complete Solar System is awesome (YouTube), I just read the first update including the new Solar System and more Demo Scenes will be submitted this weekend and we have to wait for Unity’s approval to get our hands on this but I know one thing for sure:

Stellar Sprites deserves to be part of everyone’s library and I’m pretty sure this will be the case in the near future. In my opinion there’s only one advice possible, ROB the Developer, steal this AMAZING ASSET and spread the word…

My fattest 5 stars ever, well done!


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