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Need ideas for 3D graphics thesis

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I have to write a thesis for graphics programming and I need ideas for a couple of effects to implement in a demo and describe.

I'm thinking of relatively simple effects such as the following :


Bump Mapping

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Deferred lighting

Screen space atmospheric scattering

Edge, silhouette detection,  cartoon rendering, etc..


Can you please guys suggest me some more effects I can implement and descrtibe ? I don't want to run out of ideas.

If you back up your suggestions with some links and papers, you will be priceless :)


Thank you.

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Just an undergrad student, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

Try Multi-resolution SSAO - Which is High, Medium, and Low Frequencies of SSAO multiplied together. Hardware theoretically should be good enough to real time this.


Deferred Rendering


Dynamic Skys


or Global Illumination. Doesn't have to be LPV. You can use radiance hint maps, and get near the same results... unless you are doing large worlds. 

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