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OpenGL Beginner's question

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Hey gurus,


I need help. I want someone to give me a good advice.
I want to extend my knowledge in graphics programming.

---> My background consists only of generic C# Unity programming. Recently I have started learning shader programming.

My only experience is Shader Lab in unity writing vertex-fragment shaders. I feel like I started from a wrong place. However I can create simple shaders like Lambert reflection, Blinn-Phong, Rim light, fake Fresnel, Reflections and refractions, combine those and make something more or less fancy looking from them. I understand all mathematics behind all of them and I can explain everything I do. I have gone through a fast linear algebra course. But it feels like I should have started from something else. I still have no clear understanding over the graphics pipeline and related fundamentals. I have no clue how to write the most simple program in c++ for displaying a triangle. This is what I believe is far more important than stupid unity shader lab.
--->  Now the request. Is here anyone with enough experience to set a right direction for me?
What I need is that someone can tell me what is the best to start from in my situation. I need graphics fundamentals knowledge and c++ implementation of the knowledge. What sequence is the best in this case? All books I have seen so far are assuming me to be already prepared in some way. Other books assume that I know what all the opengl classes mean and "drop me right in water and expecting me to swim out safe". The most simple (as people say) tutorials for openGL from opengltutorials website give shit lots of code and do not explain what do the used keyword mean. However the author is trying but it's not clear enough anyway. This is not learning in my opinion, just copying. Please suggest for me a good way to smoothly cover all the necessary fundamentals and make a transition to the coding. Maybe all together? I also need c++ knowledge. Maybe there is a way to combine? That would be the best. Or I have to first become proficient in c++ and only then I may start with openGL? 

Please help me to make a plan!

Hope to get some suggestions! Thank you in advance!

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Yeah, if you want to write a graphics program in C++ from scratch, you will probably have to learn C++ first. OpenGL is close enough to the metal that most tutorials will expect you to know the language first.


If you want to stick with C#, consider using something like The Open Toolkit Library ( which will let you use OpenGL with C#.


You could try this series of tutorials about writing OpenGl apps from scratch: (It also as a lot of links to other resources and tutorials.)


Lastly, the modern shader pipeline uses shaders extensively, so you're still going to be doing a lot of work in GLSL, doing more or less the same thing that you are currently doing in Unity's ShaderLab (which can use Cg/HSL or GLSL). 

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