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Dynamic Tessellation Control

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I'm about to step into turning tessellation on and playing around with it for the first time. The one issue I have is that there are two types of bricks:






The difference is that the modern flat ones only need to be tessellated around the rectangle edges. The inside of the brick doesn't actually need to be tessellated because it is flat and tessellating it will add no surface detail.


Is this something that should be done in a geometry shader then? Where I can send a texture that is a heat map for where/how much tessellation to perform? Is there already support or planned support for this?


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Well from what i know about that, you will have to go the "bruteforce" way and tessellate the whole thing fine enought.


You can ofcourse set the tessellation level per edge of a patch(triangle/quad..whatever ;) ), buuuut..

before fragmentshaders you can only work at per vertex level (for texture lookups), that means if your original geometry isn't highly pretessellated you might miss areas where you have to tessellate to get enought geometry.


Common approach i've seen is just distance and silhouette based tessellation LoD

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