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learning game development/design with a car racing game project (mud, sand effects)

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I am a real newbie to game development.


I was thinking about developing a game and learning the game development while doing this project so that I can learn the things that I really need to use and not wasting my time learning everything and not using them.

  • The game that I have in mind is a game to run on android or ios
  • It is a place which there are road, mud , and sand in different areas
  • in this big land there are coins in different places (random all the time)
  • the players have cars and they play either offline by there self or online all players in the area.
  • The player which collects the most coins in certain amount of time, wins.
  • the effect of the car's tires on the different area like roads, sand, and mud is a major thing that I want to have it as real as possible.

Based on the game features that I have mentioned, what game development concepts/techniques I need to learn/master and what things are different if I want go with android or ios or both.


I know that this might not be one person job but if I need another person, what are the skills that other person(s) has to have.


Thanks in advance.


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Any reason why you wouldn't want to use Unreal Engine?


Now free (with exceptions), better quality tool, used extensively for the best games, etc. I would be inclined to go with that now.


Regarding the skills that you need, it really comes down to the specifics of the game and who you can find to work with you:


1. If you find the right skills for your vision then they will know what you need.

2. If you can't find the skills, your game designing will have to be scaled down to a manageable project that you can complete.


I get the feeling you will have to complete a few easier games before getting to this one.

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