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Media Foundation Syncronous Playback

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Hi Guys,


I am learning how to use the Microsoft Media Foundation API at the moment (synchronous at this point).


At this stage I have created one big in-line file, so I can get the right process happening and best understanding of what is going on. Later once it works, I'll break it back down into a nice class.


At this stage I am up to the point where I have created everything all the way to connecting up the source and sink.


Error handling tells me that all is good up to there, which is great.


My question is, how do I start playback? I am using synchronous mode so, I know that I'll have to manually loop the playback. But I am lost as to how to even start the playback as all of the MSDN points to the async mode (which I'll investigate once Sync mode is working).


Any advice would be awesome :)


Thanks in advance.

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Oooh! Just worked it out cool.png


I needed to implement IMFMediaSession* pSession and tie it to the topology that I previously created.


From there it was a matter of calling pSession->Start()

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