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Unity Help me choose a C++ SDK for Android.

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Hi first of all I am extremely sorry if I hurt the feelings of anyone by asking the question which might have been asked a much more times than required.


So I am a C++ programmer from last 3 years or so. I have not made any big projects but yeah build some small ones. Now I want to get into game development and as Android and IOS being the most used platforms I would like to target them.


For that I need an SDK or Toolkit.


So here are my requirements:

1) C++ language only please.

2) Free

3) I want to start with 2D ( But if it has 3D which I later plan to move on, then it would be great).

4) Cross Platform (atleast Android, IOS and Windows)

5) Windows testing available  (optional).

6) Visual Studio Support (I really want it, its the best IDE)

7) Good Community support and tutorials.


Thanks in advance guys.



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There is Marmalade, which has great Windows Emulation Testing, but even its samples are crashing on Android for me right now.

Marmalade has both high & low-level interfaces, including in app purchaes, etc.

For android, I am using the free nvidia tegra development kit, which has native visual studio debugging on android devices!  This is only low-level graphics and input.
I have also used libcinder on windows, which is low-level also.


I made my engine so I can just write three files, System.cpp and Render.cpp for each platform, and then a main.cpp to drive the update,input and rendering.

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Cocos2d-x is what you need: C++, Mobile/Desktop support, using VS.


Download the lastest version (3.4)

Run the cpp-app-test, from solution.

Be amazed with cocos2d-x. Lots of nice features. Can easily convince youbiggrin.png


Drawbacks: Getting update regurlarly, documentation is not so good, but:


Start from here for basic overview of Cocos2d-x (More chapters will be added later):



From cpp-ap-test, there are many situations, covering a lot of things you will need.

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