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Memorynth - Lost in the labyrinth of memory

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Hi everyone,

I'm Tamás Karsai, an aspiring hobbyist game developer from Hungary, and I've been lurking on Gamedev.net forums for ages.
Being a "bit" asocial/shy kept me from registering and posting, but I've learned an awful lot and got a lot of motivation from this site.

So first and foremost, thanks for all of you for everything I've got from you!

As you can see something has changed smile.png. I've finally completed a game project, so I've decided to take this next step as a person and become an active part of the game development community.

Over with the introduction, onto the game:
It is a really simple memory game called Memorynth.
You have to guide your wizard apprentice out from a tricky labyrinth, and you have to rely on your mind (or luck biggrin.png) to succeed.

You can get the game here, it's set to pay what you want, so it can be tried out for free:

Some technical and art specs:
I programmed the game in C# using the XNA framework.
Made the art using GIMP 2.
Used Audacity for editing / finalizing generated sound effects and music.
Found some fitting music under public license, to make it complete.
A lot of code was reused from my unfinished hobby projects written in the last couple of years.
It took a little less than two weeks of full-time work, expanded over the last two months in my spare time.

As mentioned on the itch.io game site, I'm still thinking about doing an update for it, so I'm really interested in hearing some feedback!

Thank you very much, if you try it out. Hope you enjoy!

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