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Creating terrain seamless textures

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Hi, all.


I'm wondering, is there any guides out there for creating terrain textures, something like on this screenshot:




Basically I just need textures for grassy plain terrain, without those mountains and rivers.

I've tried to ask google, but it won't cooperate. Didn't find any good guides at all, and all the textures I found didn't match my needs exactly. So will appreciate links to drawing terrain textures.


Thanks in advance,


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I'm using mostly blender/gimp. I've tried to google "Making seamless terrain textures", but most of it isn't focusing on what I need, which is kinda isometric view from high distance, like on the screenshot I've posted.

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You might want to try googling "tiling grass texture" or "how to make a tiling texture" or "tiling texture gimp".  I made a grass tile just the other day but I didn't need or want a seamless one, since I was going for a checkerboard look.  But mainly you make a grass texture in layers.  Bottom layer can be a solid color, dark green or brown.  Above that you need a lighter grass color, then a still lighter highlight color.  The perspective is determined by the shape of the grass strokes, and that's also the challenging part to make tile seamlessly.  A slightly different option is to make transparent tiles, and lay them over a flat or procedurally textured color field the size of the whole map.  That could have been done in your example, but it's hard to tell the difference between a finalized field of seamless tiles and a field that's one big color area with some texturing applied.

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Still don't know what you want, so I will show how I do it and hope it helps.
First find a grass texture and load it into Gimp. Crop a usable size from it, I used 2048 by 2048 then scaled it to 256 by 256.
2nd press Ctrl+Shift+O_key and select the "Offset by x/2,y/2" option. 
3rd use the heal tools to remove seams.
4th Scale down to a size to match the scale of your game, I used 128 by 128.
5th Tile it on your level or in Gimp.
Next start Blender and model your prop:
First subdivided a plane.
2nd deleted unwanted vertices.
3rd shape the prop.
4th model or sculpt the prop.
5th use texture paint to color prop, then render with a alpha background.
6th edit in gimp and scale it.
Last use gimp or your game engine to place props.
Make more props and fill your level, I made this a bit quick but with more effort you could make much better maps. 
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