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Vectors and lateral movement

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Ok, I''m having trouble coming up with an equation to try and calculate lateral movement with vectors. Here is the general information... cpos = camera position vector cview = camera view vector And here is my code: GLvoid CAMERA::StrafeCamera(GLfloat speed) { CAMVECT vect1, tempvect1; vect1.x = cview.x - cpos.x; vect1.y = cview.y - cpos.y; vect1.z = cview.z - cpos.z; tempvect1.x = (float)(sin(90)*vect1.x+cos(90)*vect1.z); tempvect1.z = (float)(cos(90)*vect1.x-sin(90)*vect1.z); cpos.x += tempvect1.x * speed; cpos.z += tempvect1.z * speed; cview.x += tempvect1.x * speed; cview.z += tempvect1.z * speed; } I have the idea that the problem lies in the use of 90, but I dont know how to fix it. Can anyone help me?

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The C/C++ trig functions take radian angles as their arguments. The conversion from degrees to radian is angle/180 * PI. So you can define a conversion macro in C:
// expects M_PI to be defined with the value of PI
#ifndef M_PI
// this is too much precision; you should probably use the first 10 digits or so
#define M_PI 3.1415926535897932384626433832795
#define deg2rad(x) ((x / 180) * M_PI)

or a template inline function in C++:
const int _PI = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795;
inline template <class T> deg2rad(T x) { return ((x / 180) * _PI); }

You can now use either version in your program (but not both!) like so:
float rad = deg2rad(deg); 


I wanna work for Microsoft!

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