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Ode to [Game Design]

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I was browsing through old threads in the GDNet Lounge, and came across (yet another) post lamenting the plummetting level of GDNet. Argument ensued about how those posting were restriciting their observations to the lounge alone... so I decided to look through the old threads in Game Design and congratulate the community on fostering such innovation, ingenuity and intellectual discourse. Avant! Online game idea - politics & conquest: A fascinating investigation of the possibility of a social video game centered around the inter-personal interaction of the paarticipants. When is it just "makework?": Discussion on relieving the tedium of minute tasks (including a nice examination of delegation in strategy games). Integrating cheats, on purpose, into a game: ''Nuff said. nudity in games, and making out with boys. The "ball" factor and the lesser but related Sports RPG? Bravo, Game design!
I wanna work for Microsoft!

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Interesting. Let me dredge up some that I either started or participated in.

Mission Objectives

The next four actually tie into what you have been discussing, Oluseyi. They go way back...

Good story vs. connected situations (long but easy)

Dynamic Plotting

Situation Creators

The GM's Creed Applied To Games

And these were just interesting...

The ultimate space game?

Group conversations


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bishop_pass, just in case I never told you, you rock! Those threads will provide me with a ton of ideas.

I am now officially declaring myself on a programming hiatus: no code other than assignments until I have imbibed the plethora of information I''ve been digging up recently.

[ GDNet Start Here | GDNet Search Tool | GDNet FAQ | MS RTFM [MSDN] | SGI STL Docs | Google! ]
Thanks to Kylotan for the idea!

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Bishop_pass, that annotated objects thread is going to end up in the "greatest threads of all time" one day too, you know

There''s always the "what''s with stats [rpg]" thread to look at if you get really bored. Or "End Goblin Genocide". Just reading that will give you visions, nightmares and piles all at once

People might not remember what you said, or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

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