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[KickStarter/Greenlight] PROBE — Top Down Arcade Shooter in Space

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PROBE will be a Top Down Arcade Shooter in Space(PC/MAC/LINUX)





The Demo: You can try our game in its current state at http://darkturn.com/try-probe.html


The Greenlight: Please help us get on steam by voting for us on greenlight HERE!



We've been inspired by traditional arcade shooters that do some things very right. The feel of upgrading, and of outperforming your enemies is something we definitely wanted to preserve. However arcade shooters tend to fall short of a full game, with fairly repetitive gameplay  and little long term progression. This is where PROBE will be different.



Adventure through the unknown



PROBE will have a campaign story revolving around the collection of the Prized resource: Dark Matter. This material powers everything from weapons to engines for star ships, and it is running out. Large corporations have mined out all the easy sources and it is up to you to explore new regions of space, fighting new species and other corporations to claim your stake.



Skill Based Combat



Probe isn't just about having the bigger guns, if you want to survive in the wild west of space, you'll need to learn to dodge incoming fire, and pick the wings off a fly at 10,000 yards.



The Galaxy is yours



There's a whole lot of space out there and it's yours to explore. Travel from system to system via Warp Gates in your search for the resource that anyone would kill for.



The Combat



Probe to Probe combat is the key focus of the game, and we are doing everything we can to make sure it feels(and looks) smooth a silk.




The Complete Game



We have a lot of work already done, and many mechanics are already working, but we have so much more that we want to add. Here are just some of the things we want to add for the full release


  • A story to remember: We have an epic story in mind, with you as the driving force of change in a galaxy of corporate interests and espionage.
  • The Galaxy Map: If you want to explore the Galaxy, you need to be able to get around.
  • Progression and Balance: In the Demo you are currently not very limited in part choice or wealth. The game will receive much needed balancing both in terms of part balance and balance of costs.
  • Custom Audio: Right now the audio for the game is all either created by us, or acquired from free sources. For the full release we will be purchasing audio that fit our game to a tee(especially music)
  • More Weapons: We have endless sheets of ideas for weapons and we want to implement as many of them as we can.





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