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MMO infrastructure costs per user

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Hi. We are a developer house with a couple of games almost out, however, we are evaluating developing an MMO much like clash of clans.


While making our business plan we came across a huge question, what's our cost per user be regarding infrastructure.


To my scarce knowledge regarding cloud computing, I can see to large associated costs: infrastructure setup and monthly operational costs.


Does anyone have a ballpark figure as to how much both costs be for say 1 million users? I am more interested in the recurring cost per month per active user.


We will most likely use unity and we are leaning towards outsourcing all infrastructure and bandwith (amazon web services, etc) 


Obviously, any other good advice regarding developing an MMO would be greatly appreciated.



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More information about your game and your client/server infrastructure plans will be needed to even try to come up with a VERY rough figure.


For one, your game could have only very little data being transferred over the net, which means less cost for getting network bandwidth, and almost no calculations being done on the server, which means a cheaper machine can be used / more concurrent user per server are possible. Of course, the exact opposite is also true.


So maybe describe your game a little bit more. Go beyond just comparing it to another game that most people here might never have played at all. Specify your plans on how you plan to distribute your processing between server and client, your networking plans, and so on.



I am sure you will get much more accurate answers this way.

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