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Boss 101 - On Greenlight (action, adventure, millions of bosses)

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***Warning - tons of animated gifs are in this post - hopefully they load quickly for you!***

Hey all,

First - thanks for clicking on this link. I wanted to post here about a game I have been working on called Boss 101. I know it might not be the most hard-core of games but there is one thing we put a lot of effort into - making the game fun to play and experience! Enough from me though - you be the judge!

>>>Direct Link to Boss 101 Steam Greenlight PAGE<<<



Boss 101 - the story about boy, his jetpack and MILLIONS of randomly generated bosses. 
Join Max and S.T.E.V.E. as they adventure across the galaxy battling the baddies and bringing home the ice cream. Boss 101 is an arcade shooter and much more! We have procedurally generated levels, bosses and gameplay. On top of that we're bringing you as much humor and entertainment as possible while you play. 

So yep, it's a shooter at it's core and at the risk of using "marketing-speak" we like to think it's a little more than that since it's got a story driving it forward. That's right, we said it. It's not JUST blasting robo baddies and rolling onto the next level. There is real human drama here folks. For one, did you know this whole adventure is triggered when your brother makes a simple (for him) birthday request?



Check out the screens below to get an idea!

Command Center Main Room

First off though - let's check out the work on the Command Center main room - YOUR main room in the game!

We've been adding ambient touches to the room. This is your first stop in the game and where you hang out with Max and Steve. This week we updated the window with animations and gave Max and Steve a gloss pass.







Some Croco-spider Boss getting wasted!


These were all made in the MAGICAL Make A Boss Creator that YOU CONTROL. The thing here is you are in charge not only of outfitting yourself but you get to roll YOUR OWN BOSS! That's right, each level and each boss is basically designed by you with the magical MAKE-A-BOSS generator (see image):



From that machine you end up with this kind of stuff:




Say you were to roll a COMPLETE set for the kitty boss he would look like this!

And when you need some fashion help and stylish upgrades we have HATS!!


Here's just ONE of the SWEET hats you can purchase and bring into battle! Calibretto from Battlechasers!


Check out a FEW of the sweet boomsticks available to you during the game. You can upgrade fire power and craft special weapons with rare materials.





Water Levels!!! YES!!!

STEVE and Max talk about some of the new features rolling into the game RIGHT NOW. Top of that list is WATER LEVELS! You heard it here first. You will take to the skies over a beautiful ocean and soar around kicking up jets of water as you blast your way into the robo-history books. Check out the the images and their animated take below.








Crazy asteroids field action. You gotta be careful out there, the bosses ain’t playing around! Luke and the gang didn’t have it this hard running from the Empire. 



Take a break and fly a kite in Boss 101. Chat it up with your buddy as you soak in the rays. Maybe you’ll learn something.




You might end up in a warp tunnel blasting samurai swords!




A visit from Boss 101 himself!




Ok folks, hope you enjoyed the look! Talk with you soon and remember...



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