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[Test game FREE] Squares game

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Hello everyone,


I am currently developing a game named "Squares game".








Originally planned for Android, the idea was to create a game that is playable both on the same screen of a phone or a tablet.

It is about a strange world where wooden crates clash ...

Ok it's not very clear therefore watch these videos:



The game is currently in version 0.9.5,

I devoted all my time to the design of the game while neglecting the user feedback.

Today, as the development comes to a close, I would like opinions, comments and criticisms to refine and / or modify the game.


The game is currently available in web version, Android, Windows and Mac.





Web site:


Web demo:


Android demo:


Windows/Mac full game:


Android full game:


Steam greenLight:




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New version: Beta v0.10.1


- Gameplay acceleration

- Fix rules: speed up time

- Fix admob

- Control bar changes

- Update Starling to v1.6

- Modification of the first level


Become beta tester on Android !


If "Squares game" did not update on your device,

click on this link:

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All changes in the beta versions have been introduced in this new version.

The platforms Web, Android, Windows and Mac have been updated.


- Gameplay acceleration

- Fix speed up time

- Fix ads

- Control bar change

- Update Starling to v1.6

- New loading method for assets

- Changes in levels

- New menu

- Castle mode levels for two players

- Reduction of the archive file weight

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