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Ming Li

Gaming server

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I am looking to learn more on how to be setting up a online gaming server, does anyone has experience in setting up such server please contact me.


Or able gave me directions, would appreciate it!

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The forum FAQ has some information.

To give you better information, we need to know:
- what kind of game server? Is this for an existing game, like Counter-Strike or Minecraft, or a game you wrote?
- is it for matchmaking, scoreboards, community, etc?
- is it for gameplay, as in a MMO, or for "secure" game servers?
- how many players?
- how much can it cost to operate per concurrent player?
- what country are you in, and does the country of the game server matter?
- do you prefer Mac, Windows, Linux, BSD, ...
... the list goes on.

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Some advice :
Whether you learn what kind of game servers, network library is need to understand.
To learn fastly, u  need't have to study very deep professional knowledge,  we can learn such as how to accept and send a message with a network, them we can learn how to manager some object Scientific and efficient.


As you know these, you can see  this open source project?There have a solution for making a MMo game written by c++(client:Unity and c#), the website:

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