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Visual Novel Mechanics in Unreal Engine

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For training purpose I'm working on a visual novel using Unreal Engine 4 and C++ and I would ask your advices regarding my architecture choice.

A quick reminder about visual novel : A visual novel is a text based game in which the player action are limited to some choice which can influence the story. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_novel)


I plan to use a system based on event. What I call an event is :

- Displaying a text
- Changing a sprite
- Changing a sprite location
- Changing background
- etc...

Here are the main points :

- The player play the next event by clicking/pushing the action button

- All the events are stored in order in a list and the player go through this list one by one.

- An event may require special condition (the player made a certain choice during a precedent event), and if the condition are not met, this event will not play and the next one will be played instead.

- An event can be played automaticaly without the player intervention (multiple sprite appearing at the same time)


What do you think of this system? Is there other better way to proceed?

Note : If you want to do a visual novel I recommend Ren'Py, one of the most used visual novel editor out there. I'm using Unreal engine only because I want to use it, not because it's the best fit ^^
Another Note : I don't plan to make the next super-succesful visual novel engine, nor the next even more super-succesful visual novel, I'm doing it it's just by curiosity and for training purpose.

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The description that you gave sounds perfectly fine, so why not just implement it and see how it goes?  Especially when using a pre-built engine, it should be pretty quick to get the thing up and running and see what works well and what doesn't.  Then you will have a little experience building that type of application, and you will figure out what needs to be improved and what doesn't.

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Since you already using EU4, I would use Blueprints to at least a prototype. It seems that your project would fit well in BP and they are pretty powerful and you can do a lot. For any harder problems or performance issues, you can always step into C++.

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