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Resizing high resolution textures without software?

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I know this will sound silly... I'm working with two textures that are both sitting at 43,200 by 21,600 resolution. Unfortunately I am unable to load them in any image software so that I can resize them to a more manageable, and usable 21,600 by 10,800. However I am unable to open these image files in any software. Photoshop, Gimp, PaintNet... Nothing seems to work.


I am unable to re-download these images, or upload them because I have a meager 15 gigabyte data cap through my ISP. I've already used well over this limit, and have to access this page via mobile device. I have virtually no upload or download capability at this point.


It's odd because I had no issue rendering them a few days ago. Memory seems to be the main issue, and I really need these images downsized so I can use them.


I am unable to attach anything, or upload anything. Both file sizes are almost 900mb each, and would finish off my cellular data allowance.


So, is there any way to edit the image resolution of these without the use of an any traditional software? Once I can manage to load them into Gimp at around 35,000 I can finish working on them, but as it stands now I have no way to reduce their resolution since they will no longer open in anything but Windows Image Viewer.


Unless it's possible to dictate the display resolution of an image in a program then maybe I can display the image and work with them without loading the entire image?

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Thank you, I'll download Image Magick and try it when I get a chance to connect to a public Wifi.


I guess I solved the issue regardless. It was a memory issue. I have now managed to reduce both image files to around 38,000, and 21,600 as both bmp, jpeg. They render fine now but I think I'll be using the lower resolution textures from now on to avoid any future problems. After working in Gimp I can only assume it was an issue with resource consumption which I edited in Gimp's preference settings.


At this time I would consider my issue resolved.

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