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First Reality - Satire RPG with handdrawn art and great music - Amatuer

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I am looking for some feedback on a game I developed, the game can be gotten for android on the google play store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.brendanbulfin.firstreality&hl=en_GB


You can also get it for LInux Mac and Windows from my website - http://brendanbulfin.org/first-reality


Any suggestions for how to improve it are very welcome as well as any other feedback.

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It's really cool to see something different every once in a while. The storyline was the strongest part of this game IMO - some of the writing was really good, it's not very often that a game makes me smile.

The handdrawn art gives a specific atmosphere to the game. I probably would've colored it with Photoshop or something, but I'm glad you didn't.

The music was nice and fitting, but I'm so tone-deaf to me pretty much anything sounds good so my word isn't worth much.


That said, I played the PC version.

The worst part of the game was definitely the interface. I'm not sure how it works on Mobile but here's some tips for making it better standalone:




Since the inventory/character screen is fullscreen it only feels natural that pressing Escape will close the inventory screen and not open the game menu


Also when you hit Escape once and the "pause menu" opens you can't actually close it by pressing Escape again which is annoying.


The toggle mouse movement with M felt really unnatural to me. Also if I press M to stop it my dude will keep walking until I tell him to switch directions.

I believe that what would work best for the game would be if the dude just walks to a point you right click. Depending on how your collision system works this may be very hard to do but if you are using a grid (which I think you are) then implementing A* or Dijkstra's Algorithm for pathfinding will be a piece of cake, it could do wonders.


There are no mouse controls in the Menu while using the "arrows mode" which is fine, but the mouse controls don't work at all if you're using the mouse mode.

While in fullscreen mode it feels like the cursor is always offset by one - for example I'm pointing at the abilites and the black dude's head is next to the stats. In windowed it doesn't work at all, you should definitely look at that.


It would also be cool if you had an options menu where you can toggle the fullscreen and movement modes, just to make it a bit more organized.


If you can afford it and the movement isn't too deep hard-coded inside your game logic, adding diagonal movement would be a piece of cake gameplay-wise, especially when you're using the arrows.



It's just as you said - a nice game with cool art and good music, but there's definitely much more work to do, especially on the presentation and UI.

Good luck and have fun with it happy.png

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Thanks a million for having a go at it. Glad you enjoyed tha artwork and music.

I didn't expect anyone to actually play it with the mouse controls, I just included them incase and they were far from polished. However if I change them to work similiar to the android controls it should make it a lot easier(including the menu which works jus by clicking the entries)


Your advice about pressing escapte to exit the menu is actually how the android version works. I will add it into the pc version aswell. I will aslo add in that pressing escape a second time gets rid of the exit menu.


Thanks a lot for the feedback and I will try to implement as many of your suggestions as I can.


Cheers smile.png

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