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Hey. I've been working through Learn Python The Hard Way, and I'm stuck on Exercise 46: A Project Skeleton. In the first part of the exercise, I'm supposed to download the following packages:





and virtualenv.


I've been trying to get everything I need for some time, but all I really got from the past few days is that I downloaded pip along with Python. I understand that I'm meant to wade through this on my own, but I've already invested a lot of time without much result, and I'd appreciate it if someone else who's had to download the packages before could explain what to do as simply as possible.

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Without knowing more details on what you've tried and failed it's going to be hard to give you advice. Also, what operating system are you using? 


I clicked on the pip link and then on the Installation guide, what part did you get to? What error messages are you seeing?


- Eck

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