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An Alchemist Reborn 2-D Snes styled Top Down Adventure RPG WIP

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The project we are developing is a combination of Adventure style game play featuring a top down view combined with elements of RPG styled combat mechanics such as spells, leveling and damage system. The project is roughly 9 months into development and is progressing nicely. We are currently using the working title "An Alchemist Reborn". The game that is based off a title originally released on the SNES titled "Secret of Evermore".  This game will be more of a spiritual sequel to the game and we look forward to reaching out to the fans of the original title.

As for our team let simple say that we are very serious about this project and our team is committed and passionate about what we are creating. The game will be huge and with that comes a lot of hard work. The overall concept is to create loose sequel that will take a step back into the world seen previously but it will be entirely fresh and different. Essentially we creating an entirely original take on where the story could have continued but with brand new scenarios and characters. There will be a whole cast of characters and completely original story and world to explore. We will see a world of dreams but the journey drawn back to the realm of dreams is growing ever darker and the player will explore new dreams and experience a journey that unfolds in unique ways. The retro game style choice will really be a powerful tool in making this game create the proper feeling and emotion we are looking for, something is often lost in that jump into 3-D and our goal is to bring back that emotion that was lost in translation.

The game is a completely new approach to this style of game play which is combining real time combat similar to games like the older Zeldas, also using the top down view for the player. One of the most important roles will be the interactive environment which will play a role in the magic system, "Alchemy". It will contain a leveling system, advanced combat and more features that are still in development. We were inspired by the original game and the freedom of combat but felt it wasn't explored to the full potential. Being able to fight in real time means creating a strategy and striking at the right moment, this will not be a button mashing game. The game will be full of challenges and puzzles with dynamic game play not seen in the first game at all.
We are looking to combine a retro feel of the original game with an update too the graphics, it will be completely in 2-D with certain elements of animation done with 2.5-D effects. This will result in a really vibrant game with a deeper atmosphere which was so important to the original game. A theme of darkness and ambiance will be the foundation of the design of this game, maps will be deeply details and filled with enemies that make the environment come to life. Currently we are still looking for talented pixel artists to help out with the project the workload for our current designers is heavy and myself being the lead designer know that new artists would really help the team.

Here is a link to the first thread created upon the start of the project, keep in mind it has been well over a year since this thread was created. http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=16666.msg253275#msg253275


If you have questions or would like to assist with the Project please feel free to contact me.


My personal email: Sephystyle@yahoo.com

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