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A small cute casual game ^_^

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Hey guys, how is it going?

First of all I'm a hobbyist and I'm new to this forum, this is in fact my first post. I love working on huge games (by myself) but I never end up finishing them, I lose motivation far too quickly.

So I decided to switch things around and make a game I can finish in a week or so, just so I can tell my friends that I've done something with my life.


I have a cute idea about a casual game but I want to see if people will enjoy it. Basically this is how the thing looks:



The player is supposed to shoot the yellow stuff and make all red cubes fall without accidentally murdering the green ones. It's not a complicated concept so it's probably been done before but honestly... i don't care.


I've came up with six or so levels so far, so if you're up for it I can steal five minutes of your life (with the loading screen) and you can give them a shot (literally, because you shoot things).

I'd appreciate all kinds of feedback (except ones about the art, it's all placeholder angry.png )


If you have nothing better to do with your time, here's a link to the webplayer: http://bit.ly/1N8ymvG

And that's windows standalone, it's a zip file about 10MB: http://bit.ly/1HQ3oBS. If you aren't using Windows then we can't be friends, sorry (I'm just too lazy to rebuild it for Mac and Linux, my computer is slow and Unity cuts my head with its building times)


Also ignore all kinds of floating cubes, reversed images and errors that may driver you insane or BSoD your computer ph34r.png, I promise I'll fix at least half of them.


If my outstanding piece of work accidentally ends up blowing up your mind and you feel a devastating need to see the entire masterpiece put together, you can follow me on Twitter:


I haven't posted anything there... ever, but I promise I probably will post an update or two and a message that I've quit working on this game!


Thanks for sticking with me through this post, really means a lot!


Also I'm open to ideas for the name, "Cubes!" is not very descriptive, probably copyrighted and may get me sued.

I already tried "Red cube shooting simulator 2015: Game of the year GOLDEN edition", don't mention that.


See you!

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