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Blocksmith - tetris with gravity (HTML5 game in browser)

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Hello GameDevs!


I have always loved the Tetris genre. So much that I created my own clone.


I'm calling it Blocksmith. Check it out at


The fun part is that it has gravity. If a block can fall down, it will. This GIF illustrates the concept




It's completely free.

It doesn't require any download or installation.

It has global and local highscore tables for those record setting games.

It can replay any game you've previously played so you can gloat to your friends.

It has awesome background music.


Check out my showcase replay at: (Just click the link. There's nothing more to it.)


Please enjoy this game. If you find any quirks or issues, please report them to me in this post!

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I've had some reports on some issues with smaller resolution (1280x800). This has been addressed.

Initially it has been tested with Google Chrome and Firefox. I'm intending to support Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera as well before it's ready for 1.0.

If you have a content blocker (e.g. ublock or adblock), please allow Google analytics to go through. It really helps me understand the how it is used.


This also serves as a bump :)

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