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Sources For Tower Defense Game

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I am selling sources for my multiplatform mobile Tower Defense game with over 150K downloads. 


Price: $75.00


The game is created with Cocos2DX so you don't have to have 2 separate codebased for 2 platforms (Android and iOS)


Purchase here:


Additional info on reskinning process:



  • 18 enemies
  • 24 levels
  • 6 towers
  • InApps
  • Chartboost, Vungle, AdMob, Flurry

Revenue and Downloads

  • iOS (last 2 months)
    Downloads: 27,000
    InApps: $717
  • Android (last 6 months)
    Downloads: 148,000
    InApps: $1,127
  • Chartboost (last 6 months)
    Revenue: $2,033


Attached please find a detailed presentation along with proof for numbers.



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