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Wicked World - [a fancy music based action-game]

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Hi there,

a friend and me are currently developing a small and fancy action-game and we are damned excited about feedback from the community! We got inspired by titles like "DJ Hero" or "Geometry Dash" and thought about making our own interpretation of music based games. The gameplay is simple, but the challenge is hard... you really have to get into that rhythm to master the tracks!


  • cool.png Fancy spherical rendering
  • biggrin.png Harmony of music, colors, and gameplay
  • rolleyes.gif Great dance tracks that make you wanna dance
  • wacko.png  At least 8 ultimately challenging levels
  • ohmy.png  Optionally: Music and maps from the community*

*We are not 100% sure, if this would be allowed on iOS, but we were thinking about adding a community track list that can be downloaded on demand. Otherwise, we are also thinking about including community tracks in the game itself and extending the list from update to update. Maybe with some kind of voting that is done before each update.

So, what do you think?


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Here are some WIP screenshots of our little fun game...


Avoid obstacles by jumping left or right...



Fly up and down by simple tapping...



Make 90° turns left or right in sync to the beat...



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